3 Reasons 8oz gloves might not be what you think – Mayweather vs. Mc Gregor

Updated: August 17, 2017

The NAC (Nevada Athletic Comission) has approved the use of 8 oz gloves for the Mc Gregor vs. Mayweather fight. The comission issued a “one time” waiver to use lighter gloves than the rules normaly allow. Standard regulation gloves are 10 oz.

Are the gloves going to make a huge difference? Sure Mc Gregor will have gloves closer to the 4oz that he is used to and smaller gloves might effect Mayweather’s defense. Someone thinks it is a differnce maker and money has flowed into the Mc Gregor side. June 14th the odds were -800 Mayweather and +500 Mc Gregor and now they have gone as low as -450 Mayweather and +325 Mc Gregor. Even though 2oz does make a difference when a fist meets a face I think the market has overreacted.

It is still boxing

Even with 8oz gloves the rules have not changed. It is still Mayweather’s world. In fact Mayweather is the one that made the request to have 8oz gloves. Mayweather is 41, but he is still fast and those punches are going to come out faster than with 10oz. Boxers use their hands, that is what they do for most of their lives. They dont practice spinning shit, they dont know BJJ, they know how to punch and now that punch has been given an advantage with 8oz gloves.


Most people are talking about Mc Gregor’s cardio and if it will hold up. Lighter gloves will help in that department. Mayweather is known for coasting in some rounds and with the lighter gloves if he has to be more active it is going to take a little bit less out of him. Most people will be counting on this ending early due to the lighter gloves. Let’s not forget that with less energy used punching both will have more in the tank for defense and to last more rounds. The over 9.5 is looking juicy at 2.65.

Mc Gregor’s and Mayweather’s Defense

Mayweather uses a philly shell style defense. This makes good use of the shoulder, arm and elbows as defensive tools. Although he will use his gloves to block some shots they are not the primary tool in most cases. We don’t know if Mc Gregor will use more of a shell or peek a boo style but since he is used to small gloves it won’t make a huge differnce in his defense either.

Here are some comments fromt he Nevada Athletic Commmission that I agree with. This is all about the hype and less about making a difference in the fight.

“I do not like the Nevada State Athletic Commission being used as a pawn in a social media bout,” Marnell said. “Between these two, that part of this request pisses me off.

“This body is not the subject of two fighters … to create social media stir and other controversy to sell tickets and to sell DirecTV.”

I still like the overs on this fight. Stacked up props: “starts round 10″ 2.23 starts round 11” 2.59 “starts round 12” 2.88 at 5dimes

What are your bets for this fight? Let us know in the comments below

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