Best Sportsbooks and Exchanges to bet on Football (Soccer)

There are plenty of sportsbooks and exchanges out there but which ones consistently offer the best odds for football? While some might offer good odds they might not have every betting option that you are looking for or they might be lacking a live stream for the game. Let´s have a look at which places offer the highest level of degeneracy, sharpest odds, and the best selection of betting markets.

OrbitX and Matchbook
Maybe you are looking for more of the exchange style experience. Then you should make an account over at Asian Connect and try out OrbitX and Matchbook. Both of these exchanges have very good odds and most of the markets that you are looking for. Volume can vary and sometimes below on some of the markets like halftime but overall you won´t have a problem getting your bet matched if you want to right away. The interface is straight forward and easy to use and you can cover your bets if in play to secure your winnings.

Maybe you would like to use an exchange but you do not feel like signing up at asian connect or for whatever reason you can not sign up at betfair, matchbook or any of the other echanges. No problem we have you covered, just head over to Fairlay. They have been around forever and offer some of the best odds for a pure bitcoin sports exchange. It might take some getting used to but they also have some pertty cool order types and extra functions you can put on your orders. You can also create your own market, for example for a strange prop bet. If you are serious about hunting down the best possible odds then you need a Fairlay account.

Asian Odds, SBOBet, and BetISN
These are your gateway to the Asian market. Here you can get some of the best odds out there with high limits. They also offer most of the markets like both teams to score, team totals ect. You should be able to find everything you need and at maybe the best odds out there. Again the best way to get connected with these sportsbooks is via Asian Connect. It is going to save you a lot of time and you are going to have more payment and withdraw options while having a lot less hassle with things like KYC.

Russian Invasion
You might expect the sportsbook that shall not be named that has one of the best .. cough..cough…. reputations out there to be listed here but instead let’s have a look at two white labels. Both Betwinner and Melbet have all the markets you will ever need, good odds and on top of that they have a shit ton of live streams as well as a huge list of shitcoins that you can deposit there, what more could you ask for? Alone for the live streams, it is worth having a balance.

The Rest….
There are plenty of other sportsbooks out there that offer good odds and at times the best odds for football (soccer). It is a good idea to have accounts at these sportsbooks too and have balances to catch dropping odds. Since these sportsbooks do not concentrate on the kind of football we are talking about but more on American sports then you can catch some odds that have not moved. They also have been around forever and have high limits. These sportsbooks include 5dimes, BetOnline,, BetDSI, MyBookie, GTBets.

Blockchain something something
Yes the hype has arrived decentral sports betting is here and there are two working products out there! Wow, one of the ICOs not only raised money but delivered a working product and they both offer some sharp odds. Not recommended for your average betting pleb punting on 30 legs 3 way EPL parlays but hey, it works. Wagerr and without getting too technical works as a sportsbook inside the software (wallet) that you download. The advantage is that there are no limits, and the odds are very good. For example opening week of the EPL they offer Newcastle at home at 4.75 vs. 4.50 at most of the books listed here. The advantage of both of these systems is that there is no counterparty risk, there are no limits or bans, and nobody is asking you for your picture, DNA or piss samples.

Honorable Mentions
Toto Gaming offers sports challenge where you can win 1000€ for making free bets. They also offer good odds and are worth checking out. Fortune Jack has been around for a while as a bitcoin casino recently opened a sportsbook. Although the odds are in general soft they have a lot of contests and offers that are worth checking out. BBets has a unique system that uses auctions that you bid on for different bonus offers. They also have cashout, acca boost and all those typical offers you might find at pleb books, but still worth checking.

Hey You
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