How to bet on the Mid-Term Elections

It is election time again. Trump has been in office almost two years, and the meme wars have not stopped and the rage on social media is going up. We will likely see a nice spike in social media rage quits, account bans and new meme war tactics. Instead of rage tweeting and yelling at people on facebook, just bet what you think with real money. If you really belive in it so strong put some money behind it.

Betting on the election not degen enough for you? Find the next 500x shitcoin

Trump Insurance
You can also use betting as a form of insurance. All you do is bet on the opposite of what you want to happen. If you are against Trump then just bet ON Trump winning and you will get a payout if he wins. The same goes for any bet, you can bet on the mid term elections, races for governor and more.

Where to bet?
Fairlay is a betting exchange, they offer many markets for poliical betting. Bitcoin only

Betonline has high limits and you can deposit with credit card or crypto including bitcoin, bitcoin cash and litecoin.

5dimes has been around for a long time. They have a good selection of bets in the poltics section of the sportsbook.

At BetDSI you can deposit with credit card and crypto.