NFL Playoffs – Promos, Teasers and Props

It is time for the NFL playoffs, the first NFL playoff that will be played during pandemic times. It might be the first time that a team makes it to the playoffs after changing their name (Washington Football Team). As the Patriots are without Tom Brady, so are they without a spot in the playoffs. Brady is back, now with the Tampa Bay Bucs who have a chance to play the super bowl at home in Tampa this year. What a narrative that would be, the old experienced QB that the Patriots did not want any more joins a new team only, to make it to the Super Bowl with home team advantage. As far as betting is concerned, there are some good betting promos, and teasers have proven to be a good bet in past playoffs, with some days all teasers hitting.


We know you watch NFL football purely for your bets

The best promo out there is not a deposit bonus, and it doesn’t require any roll over. If your bet on the moneyline is ahead at the end of the third quarter, it is a win! This opens up a lot of chances for live bets and betting a teaser on the same game with the chance to win all bets. The only downside is that they will only honor bets between $50 and $5. Even with the low stake per game, there is still a chance to make some bets on top of this, for example Bills moneyline 1.40 $50, then bet $20 on 4th quarter draw at 5.80. You could also bet the fourth quarter live and roll over your winning bet on another win or draw. This promo is at


Teasers are great in close games, and the playoffs often have hard fought games with teams going all in. As long as the game is close to the spread then it doesn’t matter what side you tease,you are going to win. There have been days in years past when almost ALL teaser bets won (2016 AFC & NFL Championship round 15 out of 16 combinations won) and the books got sent to the cleaners. So much so that they played around with the idea to get rid of teasers altogether.

Prop Bets

You can still get some nice prop bets for the super bowl winner even though the playoffs have already started. For example,Tennessee to win at 28.00 or the Steelers at 18.00. Taking them now allows you to bet against these teams on the way through the playoff,and you have built a degen straddle bet. You can also take Tennessee to win the conference at 18.00 and straddle like that.

Are you ready for some football?

The playoffs are here and the Super Bowl just around the corner. Will Tom Brady complete a pandemic dystopian hope in bringing Tampa a home victory for the Super Bowl,or will we see more destruction and disappointment,as any happy-ending narrative is destroyed for 2020 and 2021 alike。 The question is, who is NOT making money on this?