How to bet on the Super Bowl with Bitcoin Cash

It is Super Bowl time! Would you like to bet on the Super Bowl but you would like to bet with your Bitcoin Cash? Maybe you are not sure how to bet on sports, no problem. We will show you how to bet on the Super Bowl and how to use your Bitcoin Cash to bet on the team that you would like to win.

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Sportsbooks that accept Bitcoin Cash

There are a few sportsbooks that take bitcoin cash but we recomend only sportsbooks with a solid repuation and the best odds. There is no reason for you to use a fly by night crypto sportsbook that just waves the flag of “accepting BCH” in order to get people to deposit.

Betonline has been around for a long time. They have some of the best odds in the insdustry on top of that they also have high limits. That means if you want to throw down 10k USD on one bet then you can do that in most of their betting markets. Some even have higher limits. Betonline has a solid repuation for paying out withdraws and they have an attractive Deposit Bonus.

Having trouble connecting to a sportsbook? Try a VPN
The sister site of betonline is The two sites are almost identiical but might offer slightly different odds depending on the market. What is great is that you can use the deposit bonus at betonline and without any issue. has an excellent repuation for processing deposits and withdraws.

There is a live chat support at both sportsbooks so that if you have any questions just open the chat window and they will help you with each step. You do not get this kind of active support at every sportsbook and this is one reason why we recomend these two for both advanced and noob sportsbettors.

Deposit Bonus
Both sportsbooks offer generous deposit bonus programs. Before you use one you do need to understand that they have “roll over” that means that you need to use the bonus that they give you many times over before you can withdraw. For example if you deposit 1000$ in Bitcoin Cash and get a 1000$ Deposit Bonus you will need to use this 14 times (14x roll over). For someone that wants to just bet on the Super Bowl and that is it, then a deposit bonus is not the best offer for you. If you plan on betting in the sportsbook or casino after the superbowl then go ahead and get your deposit bonus.

These are the top two bitcoin cash sportsbooks. Do not fall prey to scams that are coming out just for the Super Bowl. Use well known sportsbooks that have a solid repuation. Degenbet only promotes sportsbooks with the best odds and long standing reputations. Best of luck on your Super Bowl bets.