How to bet on the World Cup

Every four years the world goes nuts for soccer. Three games a day then a few less than only a game every three days as teams get eliminated. Even if you are not a huge soccer fan, betting on the games can make them a lot more fun to watch. Let´s break down the basics that you should know before betting on the World Cup.

Unlike most American sports there are lots of draws in soccer. That is why they call this kind of betting “3-way” since there are three possible outcomes. Just be aware that if you bet for a team to win and the sportsbook offers draw in the same section that means you would lose if there is a draw. For the most part, this is how soccer bets in the winner’s markets are offered.

Over/Under and Exact Score
You do not have to bet on the winner of a game. You can also bet on other things like how many goals there will be. The most typical bet is “over-under”. For example over 2.5 goals or under 2.5 goals? WTF is a half goal (0.5)? That just means that if you bet over 2.5 goals and there are 2 goals you lose, by half a goal and if there are 3 goals then you win the over 2.5 goal bet. A much more degenerate bet that is hard to hit but has high odds is the exact score. For example “Team A wins 3-1”. Not all sportsbooks offer this, but if you look around you should be able to find it.

This video explains Asian Handicap: