Why I am betting on the Mega Millions Lottery – Jackpot over 500$ Million !

The Mega Millions Lottery has reached a jackpot of over 500 Million dollars. Millions of 2$ tickets will be sold but is that the best bet to make? A lot of people think that if the jackpot has not been hit for a long time then it is time for someone to win it. Maybe this is your lucky day and the chance for you to join the ranks of the MILLIONAIRES!

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What the hell is “Mega Millions”?

The Mega Millions Lottery started back in 1996. It is a multi-state lottery and used to be called “The Big Game Mega Millions” since it is known for having big jackpots. Tickets are 2$ and you pick 5 numbers and 1 Powerball. You should just get a random ticket made because if someone else wins the jackpot with you, you will have to split it. The chances of other people using the same lucky numbers as you are high. Why the hell are we even talking about a lottery anyway? 50% of the money goes to the government cause, for example, education and the other 50% is split among the winners. That is a huge house edge!


Some sportsbooks have the option to bet if there is a jackpot winner or not. For example “Powerball Jackpot Winner Yes 10.00 No 1.02”. As you can imagine the odds of there not being a jackpot winner are normally crap. Since the jackpot has gone up for Mega Millions and there will be a lot more tickets sold which will increase the chances of the jackpot getting hit. This also changes the odds for the bet “NO JACKPOT WINNER”.

It is Summer
It is the end of July and people are on vacation. Even though this is a multi-state lottery the chances of people being out of town and not thinking of buying lottery tickets is good. Even people that are not on vacation are going to be more interested in hanging out at the pool than the lottery.

The hype has just started
Now that the jackpot is 513$ Million the hype can start. It has not really taken off yet. The jackpot is going to need to break some records like being in the top 3 all time in order to get some real attention. It is not quite there yet.

The odds
Right now the odds on no jackpot winner are 1.339 (-294). Although these are not some sexy underdog odds I think there is value here. It is hard to predict just how many people will buy tickets but this bet is based on the concept that it will be fewer people than the sportsbook thinks.

Betting Strategy

Straight – Just place the bet on no jackpot winner at 1.339 and wait for the results.

Roll Over – Place the bet, if you win take everything including the risk capital and bet on no jackpot winner again. You have better odds of winning this than the lottery.

Degen Hedge – Bet both on no jackpot winner and on the lottery itself. For example, if you bet 100$ at 1.339 then take the 33$ you will win if there is not a jackpot winner and buy lottery tickets. If there is no jackpot winner then you have a lottery freeroll.

Playing the lottery is maybe the worst bet that you can make. There comes a time when you have to be able to look through the stigma around bets to find value. Just because the odds are not sexy 5 or 10 to 1 they can have value. Join us as we fade everyone playing Mega Millions and pop champagne when there is NO JACKPOT WINNER.

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