Betting on Election 2020 Frequently Asked Questions

Is election betting legal? Betting on the election is legal where sports betting is legal. Check with the regulations of your local jurisdiction if you have any questions.

What are the odds for next president? The odds are always changing depending on the market. Right now at the end of March 2019 the odds for Trump to win are 3/2 or 2.50 decimal, ORourke 7/1, Sanders 15/2, Harris 8/1 and Yang 28/1.

What are the betting odds for the Republican nominee 2020? Right now Trump is a big favorite to be the Republican nominee. That can change though and the odds are always changing.

What are the betting odds democratic nominee 2020? Biden 9/4, ORourke 4/1, Sanders 9/2, Harris 11/2 and Yang 14/1 as of March 2019.

Can you bet on the Iowa caucus? Yes you can bet on the Iowa caucus. Right now there are no odds out but when it gets closer to the date of the caucus there will be odds. It can be one of the more interesting political events to bet since the field is still wide open.

Can you bet on the Democratic and Repbulican primarys? Yes you can bet on all of the primary elections.

How do I bet on Yang to be president? You will need to make an account at a sportsbook, deposit and then go to the politics or “futures” section of the sportsobok in order to bet on Yang to be president.

How do I bet on Trump to be president? Just as if you want to bet on Yang, Sanders or anyone else to be president you need to make an account at a sportsbook and deposit funds in order to bet on Trump.

How do I bet against Trump? Just bet on anyone else but Trump to be president.

How do I get insurance on Trump being president again? If you do not like Trump and are worried that he will win again, then bet -on- Trump to win. If he loses you will be happy, if he wins you will be happy because you won your bet.

Can you bet on the popular vote? Yes you can bet on the popular vote for the presidential election. Odds will come out closer to the election itself.

Is there handicap betting for the US election? Yes there is handicap for the presidential election. The handicap is based on delegates. For example Trump -50 delegates Yang +50 delegates.

What websites can you bet on the election? You can bet on the election at betonline, sportsbetting ag, 5dimes and more of the sportsbooks listed here.