Betting on the Iowa Caucus

Updated: January 31, 2016

After a good night betting on the UFC lets go on to the next event. This time it is not sports but Politics. The lines on the Iowa Caucus caught my eye and I throw down 5 bucks on Ted Cruz not winning in Iowa for 2.00 . Little did I know that this betting option would soon be pulled an is no longer available. Should Coulda gone bigger. Anyway lets take a look at what we do have for options right now.

Simply put it looks like the dust has settled and the front runners are Trump and Clinton. The polls are showing that too.

Pollster “Seltzer” who has done very well predicting past Iowa Caucus results also sees Clinton and Trump ahead. Trump´s lead is larger than Clinton´s but you get better odds for Trump. This could be because Trump does not have a track record of people turning out and voting for him.

It is boring but the bet here is on the two favorites with Trump showing the most value.
Trump wins Iowa 100$ pays 40.82$
Clinton wins Iowa 100$ pays 32.79$
Parlay Trump and Clinton win 100$ pays 86$
Odds are from 5dimes

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