Bitcoin Sportsbook Closes

One of the oldest bitcoin sportsbooks “DirectBet” is closing it´s doors. The annoucement on May 21st was a suprise to many since DirectBet is one of the most respected bitcoin and altcoin sportsbooks. We can only speculate about why they closed down, but bitcoin network issues with high fees and transactions not being confirmed combined with new all time high prices in bitcoin and ETH could have led to the decision. Is directbet in trouble and trying to exit, or have they decided to reitre with the price of bitcoin so high.

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How did Directbet work?

You can read the interview we did with directbet here. Users navigated to the bet that they wanted to place on the site. Each bet then had a different page with a deposit address and a field for you to enter the address that you would like to be paid in the event of a win. This allowed players to bet without having to have an account or store bitcoin on site. Directbet not only accepted bitcoin but also dogecoin, litecoin, ether and dash.

Is Directbet Scamming?

On the forum there is the main thread for directbet. There was on May 21st someone that accused them of being a scam. The reply from Directbet points out that the player had double spent three other transactions that were linked with losing bets. It is very typical for there to be people claiming sites are scams on bitcointalk. You need to also keep an open mind for shills that work for other sportsbooks or people that lost that are angry. Right now there is a thread where people are collecting open bets that where placed at direcbet. Currently it looks like Directbet is paying them one by one. Let´s all keep an eye on the directbet thread and make sure that they honor all bets placed before they closed.

Alternatives to Directbet

There is no other place that works like Directbet did. However you can use nitrogen or bitcoinrush which have good odds and do not require any kyc. If you where using directbet then privacy is problay one of the reasons that you used it. Let`s see how the bitcoin sportsbook market reacts to this and see if someone doesnt fill the void.

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