BitcoinRush Superbowl Promo offer

Updated: February 3, 2018

Place a bet on the superbowl of at least 1mbtc inlcuding bets on props, get one free entry in the 1mbtc superbowl squares pool.

Place a bet on the superbowl of at least 5mbtc inlcuding bets on props, get one free entry into the 5mbtc superbowl squares pool.

Simply share your bet on twitter @casinobitcoin or in the sportsbet telegram channel.

Plus you can take advantage of the free superbowl suqares pool.

What are superbowl squares?

You might have seen this game at parties or office pools. A 10×10 grid is created with one team claiming the x-axis and the other claiming the y-axis; each column and row is given a a number, 0-9. Every participant pays an entry fee of 5 mBTC or 10 mBTC and picks a box on the grid. At the end of each quarter, the square with that holds the final digit in each teams’ current score wins, with bigger prizes typically going to the winners at halftime and the end of the game. It is a game of luck and anyone can play even if you dont understnad what is going on at the superbowl. On top of that you can win FREE BITCOIN.

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