Conor McGregor v Khabib Nurmagomedov UFC 229

Updated: September 24, 2018

Conor Mc Gregor faces maybe his toughest challenge when he fights Khabib Nurmagomedov in a 5 round fight at UFC 229. Allthough Khabib is not your typical wrestler Conor is not your typical striker but still this is a classic “grappler vs. striker” match up. The type of match up that really puts style vs. style to the test.

Even though the UFC did not let any fans into the press confernce it played out in the typical Mc Gregor style. He talked all kinds of shit, offered Khabib a drink full knowing that he does not drink while Khabib stayed very calm the whole time. Have a look for yourself and decide if Mc Gregor got under Khabib´s skin.

Will Khabib get KTFO or will Mc Gregor get mauled on the ground and beaten to a pulp?

Who has given either one of these fighters trouble? Nate Diaz beat Mc Gregor but that was mostly due to his ablilty to stand with him and out box him, something Khabib is not going to be able to do. Chad Mendes a high level wrestler did not last long against Mc Gregor. Edson Barboza one of the most explosive strikers in MMA was not able to really due much against Khabib. Michael Johnson was able to rock Khabib with his fast hands but in the end could not stop the take down and got seriously mauled on the ground. There are are clearly arguments for both of them to win, both are highly specialized in what they do.

Mc Gregor got rocked, tried to take Diaz down and got subed, the ground is not where he wants to be

Mendes tried to circle away but got backed up against the cage, dangerous place for Kaibib

Johnson gave Kabib a lot of trouble on the feet in round one, he is going to have to do a better job of getting out of the way vs Mc Gregor

Barboza tried to get up over and over, Kabib just dragged him down and mauled his face for three rounds

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