Updated: December 18, 2017

If you are betting on sports, playing poker or doing any gambling then there is no reason that you shouldnt start trading crypto. If you are new to trading then you will need to learn some of the mechanics of how orders work and what the charts are telling you. If you are already used to using bankroll management and looking for value then you are ahead of the game. There are a lot of parallels between sports betting and trading, and there are also a lot of advantages. Why should you start trading crypto and not start with stocks, forex or sports betting exchanges?

Advantages of crypto markets:

-24/7 markets never close
Unlike the legacy markets that have a bell at the end of the day and close on the weekend, crypto never sleeps.

-Upside potential
Compared to sports betting there is unlimited profit potential per trade (bet). With sports betting you can only win as much as the quoted odds and that is it. With a trade you can let it ride and gain 100%, 200% and more.

-Young Market
Even though there is a lot of hype the crypto market is still young. There is still value to be found and you do not have high speed algos on every crypto trading pair like you do in forex. If you already have the mindset of looking for value in the betting markets then you are primed to attack the crypto markets and make a killing.

The only way to learn is to jump in and start trading. You will need some bitcoin to get started and that is about it. If you do not have any bitcoin it is easy to buy some. Then you should sign up at some crypto exchanges.

Asian based crypto platform. There are tons of trading pairs and the platform is adding more and more features. This is where you want to be to be a part of the action.

Mex is where you can go balls deep on high leverage. They have bitcoin and crypto futures. Dont understand what futures are? Dont worry, you are just betting on coins with bitcoin as collateral. That is the main thing you need to know.

Yobit is that shady side street market where you can get new designer shitcoins before the hit the main markets and go crypto mainstream. You might get rekt with some random ass wack shit, but if you hit one it might be a 500x winner. They also have dice and virtual horse races, not to mention one of the most degenerate troll boxes ever.

Simple FX
SimpleFX is the crypto bucketshop. You can trade forex at 500x leverage and you can also trade some crypto pairs. Watch the spread it gets crazy sometimes, but this place can be a useful tool since it has mt4.

Are you missing out on the bitcoin and crypto markets? Still trading on sports betting exchanges scalping under 1% of profit and being happy with all the time you spent doing that? Are you following touts that make shit picks and charge money on top of that. You can do all that and trade crypto at the same time. All bettors have the right skill set to become good traders. Don´t start asking questions, start taking actions.


You will need this chat app, this is where the main crypo related chats are.
Download the app and then check out @crypto for a list of channels

This is a good bitcoin wallet

The main trading based sub reddit. It is for bitcoin only and just like reddit is also full of crap sometimes. It can be a good place to get a feeling for the market and how rekt people are.