Election 2016 Odds Update

Election season is in full swing. If you want a true reality check of how a lot of peoples hopes and dreams will be crushed with the harsh reality of the numbers then betting odds are the place to be.

Any odds that look interesting are mentioned in bold
For the upcoming primary in Wisconsin you can get Cruz to win for the Reps at over 1.50 or if you think Trump or “Field” will take it that pays a nice 2.50

For the most part the Wisconsin and NYC primarys look to be blow outs with the exception of Cruz possibly winning the Republican side. Is it worth it to support the field to upset Cruz? Can Sanders win in NYC ? It is a longshot but pays a nice 6.00

On April 26th there is another wave of primary action here are the current odds:

What is disapointing is that 5dimes does not allow parlay bets on these, you can add one of these bets in a parlay with other sports but not multi political bets in one parlay. On the Republican side looks like Connecticut is close but can Cruz win there? On the Democrat side Rhode Island looks like a coin toss. If Sanders campagins hard in RI then maybe it iw worth a bet at 1.800 that Clinton doesnt take that one.

Convention Time

If you are a conspiracy theorist then here is your chance. Bet on Trump NOT getting the nomination at 3.10 or on Cruz getting it for 7.00. Your tinfoil hat will pay off seven fold if that hits. Here is a reality check for all the Sanders supporters, the books see no chance in hell that he gets the nomination.