Point Spread, Moneyline and Total Score

Point Spread

Point Spread, also called “Spread” or “Handicap” is an ammount of points given or taken away from a team when the game starts. The team that is given points “plus six” +6 can lose by six points. If they lose by 5 or less points the bet is a win. If they lose by exactly 6 points the bet is a push (you get your money back) and if they lose by more than 6 points then the bet is a loss. This goes for all sports other than Football (Soccer) “European Handicap” but we will get to that later. You can also have half points, this prevents a push from happening.
In the example above Toronto gets +6.5 points. That means they can lose by 6 and you win your bet. If they lose by 7 which is more than six and a half points then you lose your bet.

Total Score

The same concept goes for totals. On the right side of the picture about you can see O 208.5 and U 208.5. This is betting on the total score of both teams added together. O is betting on Over 208.5 points and U is betting on Under 208.5 points. You can also bet on the total score of a team “Team Total” which is just betting on the over under of how many points one team will get.


A bet on the “Moneyline” is a bet that the team will win the game. There are no added or taken away points on the point spread. The odds for moneyline bets are adjusted so that the favorite will payout less than an underdog on the moneyline. With the point spread Team A and Team B payout the same but the underdog is given points and the favorite has points taken away from them. In “2-Way” betting the sport does not have a Draw or the bet includes overtime (basketball, hockey, baseball) and the winner in overtime (extra innings ect) will be the team that wins the moneyline bet. You do need to pay attention because if you are betting 3-way which offers higher odds on the moneyline there is a chance of a draw.

What is 3-Way Betting?

In the example above of the NBA game there is not a way to bet on a Draw. There are two possible outcomes, team A wins or Team B wins. This is called “2-Way”. 3-Way has the possiblity to bet on a Draw and is popular in Football(soccer) and Hockey. In 3-way you are also only betting for regulation time. This does not include any overtime extra play. So if the score is tied at the end of regulation then it is a Draw. Just like with 2-Way there is the option to bet on the point spread and the total score of the game or each team.
In this example you can see the Draw option that pays 4.30. If you were to bet on the moneyline for either team and at the end of regulation time it is a draw then your bet would lose and a draw bet would win. Notice the handicap +0.5 and -0.5. A +0.5 Handicap would win on a draw, this is the same as a so called “Double Chance” which means you are betting on Team A or a Draw and have covered two outcomes with your bet. Just like in 2-Way Betting total scores work the same way. To learn more about Asian Handicap and betting on Football(soccer) then check out this page.

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Here is an example of point spread, moneyline and total score using the NFL.

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