Fortune Jack Sportsbook review

There is a new sportsbook in town from an online casino that has been around for a while. Fortune Jack has opened a bitcoin sportsbook that offers pregame and live betting. Let´s have a look at what they have to offer.

Overall the site is easy to navigate and has a wide range of bets and sports. I was able to find some of the smaller more obscure soccer leagues as well as MMA and a selection of political betting. For soccer, there are tons of bet types so you should be able to find what you are looking for. The same goes for in-play betting, there are plenty of bet types for in-play betting as well.

Bet on the time of the first goal and get a free bet

Although the odds are not bad, you do need to shop around to make sure you are really getting the best odds. Here is a quick snapshot of Fortune Jack vs. Bitcoin Rush vs. Nitrogen Sports:
you can find some good odds here

While Fortune Jack did not offer the best odds in all markets, it did offer the best odds for Draw in this game. It is worth it to have an account there and shop around for odds. The same thing goes for some of the more obscure prop bets that are not offered at a lot of the bitcoin-only sportsbooks.

Is Fortune Jack a SCAM?
Fortune Jack has been around for over four years. There are a few old scam accusations most of which have been resolved. The most famous one is from someone that exploited their blackjack game with a huge winning of over 2000% profit and then when they launched an investigation and froze his account he claimed that Fortune Jack was a scam lol.

The deposit bonus system is for the Casino. Do not get it mixed up, but they do offer deals for free bets on sports. For example, they are offering a free bet if you bet on the time of the first goal in some of the Champions Leauge games and they have a predict the exact score free pool for the Champion Leauge as well.

It is not a lot of bad things I can say about Fortune Jack beside them not always having the best odds, they often do have the best odds in one or more of the betting markets. They also offer a wide range of prop and in play bet options. If you are into a casino or live dealers, they have that too. Degenbet is now adding Fortune Jack as one of the recommended sportsbooks.