How to bet on Miss Universe

You can bet on who will be the next Universe. There are still some nice odds for one of the favorites Miss Philippines and this year there is something a little different. The first ever transgender Miss Universe candidate, Miss Spain is not only in the contest but is now in the top 3 favorites according to the sportsbooks.

Trump does not own the Miss Universe brand anymore. Will the judges vote for the first transgender Miss Universe as a political statement?


Political Statement or may the best Woman win?

There are a few arguments for Miss Spain winning. The contest is being held in Thailand, known for being accepting to transgender people. Voting for Miss Spain could be seen as anti-trump since he used to own the contest and brand. The arguments for Miss Philippines besides her looks and speaking skills are that two judges are also from the Philippines.

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The odds have moved more in favor of Miss Spain and Miss Philippines than in this picture from earlier this week.