How to create parlays when they are not offered at your sportsbook

Everybody has seen the huge wins from parlays, also known as accumulator bets. These are the classic bets where you bet a little to win a lot. Although in the long run it is going to be hard to make money placing only parlays, why not take a long shot of getting all your bets right for the weekend, or placing two underdogs together on a parlay slip. The question is, what do you do if there is no option to parlay at your sportsbook? Today we are going to use the blockchain based betting platform Wagerr. The method described can be used for other platforms that do not allow you to cross sport parlays or that do not offer parlays at all for whatever reason.

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What is a parlay bet under the hood?
Under the hood a parlay bet is simply taking all of the RISK capital and all of the WIN capital and rolling it over into the next bet, that is why in parts of the world it is known as an “Accumulator” because it snowballs and accumulates in value. Let´s have a look at a simple two leg parlay of Team A and Team X.

RISK 100 to win 361
RISK 100 on Parlay – Team A at 1.90 + Team X 1.90
Team A wins – WIN 90 – place RISK 100 + WIN 90 = 190 on Team X at 1.90
Team B wins – WIN 361

This is what a parlay does, it rolls over 100% of the RISK and WIN of a bet into the next bet. If the sportsbook does not offer this option or does not allow the mixing of the events that you want, then you can just do it by hand. The limitation is the time of the events. As long as the events are not at the same time then you can simply do it yourself. Let´s set up two parlays this weekend in soccer using Wagerr. For now we will only set up the first leg of the parlay, if the first leg wins then we will need to go and roll over the bets to the next leg.

Parlay One 3-legs
RB Leipzig 2.00
Bayer 04 Leverkusen 1.55
SV Werder Bremen 1.69

25 to win 119 !

This parlay is going to be easy to roll over because each game is on a different day Leipzig plays away at Gladbach on Friday, Leverkusen at home on Saturday at home against Hoffenheim and Bremen at home against Augsburg. This is how it would look if everything goes as planned.

Now lets make a 2 leg underdog parlay.
AFC Bournemouth 4.84
Wolverhampton Wanderers 3.67

Bournemouth plays away at Leicester City on Saturday and Wolverhampton away at Everton on Sunday so it is easy to rollover. This is what it will look like if everything goes as planned.

25 to win 443 !

Challenge Bets and “Tipsters”
Sometimes these bets are called “Challenges” and tipsters post them daily telling everyone to rollover. The main problem with this is not the mechanics, but the incentive system of most affiliate programs that these tipsters are using. They are for the most part promoting sportsbooks like bet365 that pay people that promote them a % of the LOSSES of the players that they refer to the platform. That means the tipster that is giving out these rollover picks, wants you to lose, but not before you win a few times! Often after one of these online challenges gets going good and gets attention, suddenly it loses, wonder why?

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