How to create your own Draw No Bet (DNB) and Double Chance (DC) bets

Sometimes sportsbooks do not offer every bet type that you want or they are offering a handicap or prop bet at an off price. In sports where there are three way markets with a draw but no option for “Draw No Bet” or “Double Chance” then you can simply create it yourself. It is also good to be able to calculate this because sometimes sportsbooks are not giving you the best odds on these bets or they have a three way market such as in Hockey that has different prices to the “Including Overtime” markets. Let´s have a look at how you can create these bets yourself. We are going to use the blockchain based betting system known as Wagerr. They have just launched new software to bet with with very sharp odds. Since the software is new it does not have have the option for double chance or draw no bet, no problem.

Draw No Bet
This bet simply means that if there is a draw then you get a refund (push). If this was hockey or basketball then this would be a push if the game goes to into overtime. Right now we are going to have a look at the EPL game Southampton vs. Liverpool. As you can imagine Southampton is a big home underdog at 8.29. Let´s say that you think they have a chance to do something at home but you want insurance if it is a draw, which would not be a bad outcome for Southampton. In simple terms you just need to put some on Southampton and some on the Draw while paying attention to your risk and win amounts.

How to create draw no bet yourself
Risking 125 WGR to win 729 WGR / If Draw win 3 WGR (min bet is 25 WGR so we have to round up) If there is a draw you are covered
Risk 100 WGR to win 521 / IF Draw win 28 WGR (Min bet is 25 so we need to round up) If there is a draw you are covered.

Double Chance
Double Chance is a similar concept to Draw No Bet but we want to win the same ammount regardless if it is a draw or a win for our side. As a handicap this is shown as +0.5.

Risk 100 WGR to win 214 or 218 on a Draw / Either way we are covered with Southampton win or Draw

Wagerr is is a blockchain betting system. The main advantages are very good odds and no limits to bet size. If you want to learn more about how wagerr works and how to make bets using it then check out the website, twitter and telegram chat.