Interview with Direct Bet

How long has DirectBet been around?

DirectBet was founded on December, 2013.

DirectBet specializes in LIVE In-Play betting. You can bet while watching the game during the entire game.

Do you hold deposits? Do I need to make an account to place a bet?

What is most revolutionary about DirectBet is that DirectBet is the only Sportsbook in which no accounts are needed and users do not deposit. You simply send your bets to a designated Bitcoin address and your winning are sent back directly to your Bitcoin wallet within minutes of the event completion.

The “My Account” -> “Deposit” type of wagering belongs to the 90s. Today, you can bet with your coins and keep them safe in your wallet under your control while they are not in a wager.

Betting at DirectBet is Completely Anonymous – No questions asked !

Are you going to add teasers?

We hope to add teasers in the future.

Are you going to add prop betting?

We are already offering some special bets. For example, you can find different special bets in the ‘Soccer Futures’ tab. We hope to add more special bets in the future.

What free bets or free rolls do you offer?

DirectBet offers the most lucrative VIP Rewards program where you can earn Unlimited 10 BTC Rewards every month. DirectBet runs sports betting contests on a regular basis and is currently running a Tipsters Championship. The prize pool in the championship can reach over 7 BTC with more than 1.9 BTC going to the top winner. The Tipsters Championship is Free to Enter !

How does your VIP bonus program work? Do I need to give you an email address to qualify?

DirectBet offers the most rewarding and simplified VIP program in the industry. You do not need to give us your e-mail address to qualify. Loyalty points are counted based on your payout address. If you would like to combine loyalty points from multiple payout addresses of the same coin, you need to enter your e-mail address when betting. By doing so your loyalty points will be counted based on your e-mail address.

You earn 1 loyalty point for every 0.001 BTC, 0.1 LTC, 0.1 DASH or 2,000 DOGE Sports or All-In Poker bet that you place during the month, and 1 loyalty point for every 0.01 BTC, 1 LTC, 1 DASH or 20,000 DOGE Direct Dice bet.

You will receive a reward for reaching each of the following monthly milestones

Is directbet trustless? What are my risks when using direct bet as compared to another betting

DirectBet is the safest Bitcoin Sportsbook as we do not take deposits and keep hold of your valuable coins, except during the lifetime of the bet and only the amount that you elected to bet. This period of time is kept to the minimum thanks to the fact that bets settle automatically within minutes of the event completion (and in some markets even before the event completion). Your coins are kept safe in your wallet under your control at all other times.

DirectBet is the leading and most trusted Bitcoin Sportsbook and is also Rated #1 by Bitcointalk members.

Flexable Negotiate or Firm odds, what is the difference?

When you place a Single Bet you have several options to chose from which instruct us how to process your bet. These options are called ‘Double or Nothing’, ‘Flexible Odds’, ‘Negotiate Odds’ and ‘Firm Odds’.

Double or Nothing – Select this option to instruct us to flip a coin for a double payout if your bet wins.
Flexible Odds – Select this option to instruct us to confirm your bet at the current available odds.
Negotiate Odds – Select this option to instruct us to confirm your bet only if and when the bet odds are equal to or greater than the minimum odds specified.
Firm Odds – Select this option to instruct us to confirm your bet at the current available odds, if equal to or greater than the odds quoted when you ordered the bet.

You can find more details about it here

Only at DirectBet you can find the Negotiate Your Odds feature – this new and unique feature can help you get better odds for your bets. This feature gives you all the advantages of a betting exchange without the complicity or liquidity issues. DirectBet is continually innovating and introduces features that are new to the whole industry.

What is the max and min bet size?

The maximum amount that you can bet is displayed in the Bet Status page after ordering the bet. For most bets, the maximum bet size is at least 2 BTC and for the bigger events we usually accept much bigger bets. The exact amount varies from time to time and from bet to bet. Refresh the Bet Status page before sending your bet to determine the exact amount.

If you’d like to bet more than the maximum advised, it is possible and you have two options :

1) Send the maximum advised. After your bet is confirmed, we will most likely be able to accept another bet, possibly at reduced odds. Refresh the Bet Status page or re-order the bet to determine how much more you can send.

2) Send more than the maximum advised using the ‘Flexible Odds’ or ‘Negotiate Odds’ betting options. We will attempt to confirm your larger bet at slightly reduced odds.
For more details please click here

We do not force a minimum bet size. Feel free to bet as little as you like.