Is 5dimes a scam?

Let´s take a closer look at the well known sportsbook “5dimes“. They have been around a long time and offer some of the best odds among offshore sportsbooks. While the site does look old, they offer high limits and a wide range of betting options. The question remains “is 5dimes a scam?”.

Prop Bets and Teasers

What 5dimes does good are prop bets. They are the industry leader in MMA prop bets offering a wide range of options for every UFC event and also for most Bellator events. They have also added the “prop builder” which allows you to create your own player props, or example “Sam Smith over 5.5 Goals”. If you are into NFL betting then 5dimes is going to be the place to go for your teaser bets. They offer the widest range of teaser options including ties win, ties reduce and ties lose. There are no scams with the propbets or teasers that 5dimes offers.

Does 5dimes offer a deposit bonus?

5dimes does not offer a deposit bonus. They do have a cashback system that rewards you for volume. The default program for people tha that sign up is “Reduced Odds”. In major betting markets NBA, MLB, NFL, MMA, and Boxing the reduced odds section will show up around 24 hours before the events. This offers reduced juice lines and often some of the best odds out there. There is not a deposit bonus with rollover and no way to scam users with crazy rollover requirements.

Why does the site look like it is from 2001?

5dimes just looks old. They have updated the UI but it is not a major change to the design. This is just the “5dimes style” and doesnt mean that 5dimes is a scam.

I read on reddit that 5dimes sells credit card data

There is no proof that 5dimes sells your credit card data. There are a lot of people that have had charges on their cards after using them for 5dimes. This could be a data leak on the credit card processor side or the players themselves having their email hacked. I dont see a reason for 5dimes to sell the users data as they have plenty of betting volume. I have never heard of a player that funded their 5dimes account with bitcoin to have any issues.

What about 5dimes security?

5dimes needs to update their SSL certificate. Most browsers will show some kind of issue with the site because they lack a vaild SSL certificate. They do ask you for your account password via email when withdrawing. This is not the best security practice as the emails are not encrypted. I wouldnt say that this is a scam but just an old way to do things that needs to be updated. Just keep in mind to change your password after a withdraw to be safe. 5dimes has updated their site with a deviced based 2FA. When you try to log in from a new device you have to vaildate via email 2FA. Allthough this is not as good as some other 2FA methods it is a step in the right direction.


Is 5dimes a a scam?
No, it is one of the best sportsbooks out there.
Make sure to use bitcoin when funding and withdrawing from the site.