Jones vs Cormier 2: Wrongfully Looked-Over

Updated: December 22, 2015

Two of the most feared light heavyweights in the world—Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier—clash in a high-stakes contest, with the belt on the line. According to the oddsmakers—and the general public—this is Jones’s closest contest since he fought Shogun in 2011.

Ultimately, Jon Jones would walk out of the Octagon with the light heavyweight belt still around his waist. He defeated Daniel Cormier via unanimous decision, taking control of the contest in the later rounds. Still, he absorbed a good deal of damage in the fight—he also lost at least one round, two on some scorecards.
Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier 1 was a largely competitive fight, but for a variety of reasons, has been classified as a one-sided beatdown by MMA fans and the general public alike. This couldn’t be further from the truth; although Jones won the fight, the idea that the victory came without difficulty or adversity is simply untrue.

Fast forward one year. Daniel Cormier is the new light heavyweight champion of the world. Jon Jones was involved in a hit-and-run incident, which in addition to creating a legal dilemma, caused him to vacate his belt. During this time, Daniel Cormier defeated Anthony Johnson and Alexander Gustafsson—two undeniably elite fighters. Although Jones has just recently been cleared to return to competition, many still consider the belt to be his—the fact that Cormier legitimately holds the title doesn’t make much difference at all, to these fans.

These fans are doing Daniel Cormier a disservice by adopting this style of thinking. In addition to his ever-proven worth as a result of his wins over Johnson and Gustafsson, the elite Olympian should be given more respect as a result of his first contest with Jones—which was once again much closer than many will admit.

The second battle, although yet to be officially booked, seems inevitable. When the contest finally does roll around, fans can expect to see a more confident and skilled Daniel Cormier, as well as the same, outstandingly skilled Jon Jones that handled the division so well. Just as in the first fight, when each man peppered the other with hard shots, heart will play a large part in the outcome—as will cardio. There should also be plenty of back-and-forth action, in which Jon Jones tries to land strikes from the outside, and Daniel Cormier tries to break inside, landing shots and even a takedown in the process.

But the idea that the contest’s result is a foregone conclusion is ridiculous.
To be clear, Jon Jones has the ability to win the fight with relative ease—as does Daniel Cormier. As fans saw when Conor McGregor battled Jose Aldo, the truly elite competitors of the sport have the ability to emerge victorious at any point—even incredibly early into the contest.

However, a sudden end is especially unlikely in this fight; the thunderous shots of Anthony Johnson were unable to finish Cormier, as were the harming strikes of Gustafsson on Jones.
Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones 2 will be an exciting and highly skilled battle for the belt. For however long it is contested, it will be interesting to watch.

And contrary to what many are saying, it will be a true fight—a gritty competition between two of the best in the world—just as their first encounter was, although the results remain to be seen.