Kenya bans sportsbooks, Where to bet on sports in Keyna

The government of Kenya has decided to simply ban most of the Sportsbook operators. They claim that they owe more taxes than they have paid. Basically, the government is holding the operator’s hostage and asking for more money. You might think that the situation is different but in the end, the government wants the sportsbooks to cough up more money. The question is where can people in Keyna bet in the meantime?

Should have used bitcoin
If players in Kenya would be using bitcoin sportsbooks mostly located out of Kenya then they would not have this problem to start with. The advantage of using bitcoin sportsbooks is that there is no way for a government to censor the transactions to and from the sportsbook. The only way to stop you would be to geo-block the sportsbook website and then you could still use a VPN. If you want to buy bitcoin then you can try localbitcoins and if you want to bet using bitcoin then we recommend Bitcoin Rush.

Bet Winner
Bet Winner claims to be the only licensed sportsbook in Kenya. It has more or less the same offering as 1xbet has fully functioning mpesa and crypto deposits and withdraws. It might be the best option for you if you do not already have bitcoin. They also have nearly every live event you can think of on live stream. You only need to have a deposit there in order to watch the streams. You can also get a nice deposit bonus and they have great in-play betting.

If you are looking for a sportsbook in Kenya then you have basically three options. You can try Bet Winner, use bitcoin rush with bitcoin or try your luck with a VPN and another sportsbook while risking having your account shut down. If you would like to discuss your options then join the sports betting telegram chat. Best of luck and talk to you soon!