Mayweather vs. Mc Gregor -Betting Picks

Updated: August 23, 2017

It is being called the greatest fight of all time and it has not even taken place yet. On the one side you have the public favorite Mc Gregor who is clearly in the underdog role. He is taking a bold step into the boxing ring to fight one of the all time best boxers who has never lost in the ring. People love rooting for an underdog and that is exactly what is going on. People are betting Mc Gregor to win so much that if he does win it would be one of the biggest paydays that vegas has to payout, ever. On the other side you have Mayweather. The boxing fans know what’s up. They understand that boxing is not MMA. Mayweather has embraced being the villian. The guy that nobody can hit, it might create “boring” fights but those are fights that Mayeather wins, and he wins a lot of money doing it. According to the hype this time it is going to be different.

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The Hype

8 oz gloves and all the hype is not going to change Mayweather’s strengths. That is to use his deffense to tire out Mc Gregor, mix in some body shots and if he does go for a KO then later in the fight. We all know that Mc Gregor is going to have his best chances in the 1st few rounds. Mayweather knows this too, There are no kicks, threats of takedowns or knees in clinch or spinning shit to set up any of Mc Gregor’s punches this time around. The public might really dislike Mayweather for any number of reasons, that doesnt mean that Mc Gregor is going to be able to touch him.

Does the public understand boxing?

Let’s take a look at this from a betting perspective. Will all the money coming in on Mc Gregor the value on betting a Mc Gregor win is gone. You could be Mayweather at 1.20 even if that does not pay much it is crazy to think of that line compared to other boxing matches. There is also money coming in on the under 9.5 and on Mc Gregor in the first round. Now if Mayweather is going to win how do you think he is going to do it? Do you really think that he is going to risk a perfect record and try to knock out Mc Gregor in the early rounds? I seriously doubt it. Even if you like Mc Gregor then maybe Mayweather’s age gets to him, that would shot itself in the later rounds. I think this is going over 9.5 rounds and I even think it will go the distance. Iam ready for MMA fans to start booing in round 2 and 3 when there is no KO and Mc Gregor is missing while Mayweather is not going for some huge haymaker looping punch. Look for Mayweather to take his time, work the body of Mc Gregor and coast to the judges score cards. I wouldnt be suprised to see a round where Mayweather throws under three punches and just gets out of the way of every thing Mc Gregor throws at him just to make him look silly.

Over 9.5 Rounds 2.50 / +150

Low blows, Pushes, and spinning shit

I do like one prop bet with pertty good odds. There has been plenty of shit talking and we know that it can be hard to curb your fight reflexes when things get nasty. I think that someone will get a point deducted. Hell it could even be Mayweather and he wont even care. With all the shit talking and Mc Gregor learning just what is allowd in clinch and not, it won’t take much for him to get a point taken away.

A fighter has a point deducted 2.73/ +173

Those are my two picks for this fight. Sure the odds on a Mc Gregor win look nice at first glance, or Mc Gregor in the first 60 seconds. These props remind me a lot of the super bowl props. Most of them are not wortth it but there can be a gem in the rough. I think anything to do with the fight going to the later rounds or going the distance as well as anything having to do with points being taken away or a disqualifcation are worth a shot. Sometimes the public is right, this time I think they are dead wrong.

What are your picks for this fight? Let us know in the comments below.