Mayweather vs. Mc Gregor Prop Bets

Updated: July 18, 2017

Here is a partial list of prop bets for the Mayweather vs. Mc Gregor fight. There is much more value on some of these then betting on the winner of the fight straight up.

5dimes Props

Either fighter has a point deducted 4.85 +385
Plenty of shit talk going on during the world tour. We can expect at least a little shit talk from one of them in the ring. The chance that Mc Gregor does something against the rules, in clinch or just says fuck it and elbows him is there. Mayweather could also get a point detucted, being extra cocky and not caring about having a point deducted.

Fight won’t start round 5 4.18 +318
We know that Mc Gregor said “Mark my words in the first 4 rounds”. With this prop you can cash if either Mayweather or Mc Gregor wins in the first four rounds. If Mc Gregor really opens up then he could get KOed too. Even when Mayweather is not known for knocking guys out, this time it is different.

McGregor wins in first 60 seconds 86.00 +8500
As crazy as this prop sounds Mc Gregor does have a chance in the first 60 seconds and I would not be suprised if he goes for it right away. With +8500 worth a shot.

McGregor knocks down Mayweather 5.75 +475
With this prop you get good odds and you do not even need Mc Gregor to win. You just need Mc Gregor to get a symbolic victory of knocking down one of the all time best boxers down in the ring. If you think Mc Gregor has a chance this is not a bad bet.

McGregor wins in round 1-3 27.50 +2650McGregor wins in round 4-6 26.10 +2510Mayweather wins in round 10-12 7.80 +6.80
These props show each fighters way to get a finish. Mc Gregor needs to get it done early and Mayweather should let Mc Gregor get tired and then try to finish.

McGregor / Mayweather goes distance 3.25 +225Mayweather wins by 12 round decision 3.58 +258
If this thing goes the distance I think Mayweather has got it. Just take Mayweather via decision for a little extra juice.

Stacking the rounds
McGregor / Mayweather starts round 7 1.58 -172McGregor / Mayweather goes 1:30 round 7 1.65 -153McGregor / Mayweather starts round 8 1.80 -120McGregor / Mayweather goes 1:30 round 8 1.87 -114McGregor / Mayweather starts round 9 2.02 +102McGregor / Mayweather goes 1:30 round 9 2.11 +111McGregor / Mayweather starts round 10 2.30 +130McGregor / Mayweather starts round 11 2.60 +160McGregor / Mayweather goes 1:30 round 11 2.70 +170McGregor / Mayweather starts round 12 2.91 +191McGregor / Mayweather goes 1:30 round 12 3.02 +202

This could end up being a crazy first two rounds and then after that a long drawn out fight. Mayweather is not known for taking risks, there is no reason for him to try and finish the fight early. Props

Most Tweets in August Mc Gregor 1.62 -161Mayweather 2.30 +130
Mc Gregor should have more tweets, still decent odds on this one.

POTUS Pick (Trump´s Pick to win. pick must be made via twitter, no pick push)Mc Gregor 5.00 +400Mayweather 1.16 -625
Tough one, will Trump pick Mc Gregor?

Total combined tweets from Mc Gregor and Mayweatherover 40.5 1.86 -116under 40.5 1.86 -116
Mayweather is not a huge twitter user but that could change this time around.

Total Pay Per View Buysover 5 million 1.44 -227Under 5 million 2.80 +180
Odds are already showing that this should break the 5 million point.

What are your picks?
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