Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest

Updated: July 3, 2017

Its that time of the year again. July 4th is the time for eating hotdogs. Not just eating hotdogs, stuffing as many hotdogs as you can down in ten minutes. Joey Chestnut is the current champion and took his belt back from Matthew Stonie who upset him in 2015. Will Stonie upset again this year or will Chestnut make a new record for hot dogs eaten in 10min?

Favorites way ahead of the field
There are three hot dog eaters that are way ahead of the pack. Joey Chestnut, Mathew Stonie and Carmen Cincotti. Let´s have a look at some of the contestants.

Joey Chestnut

After a breakup with his girlfriend and a loss to Stonie in 2015 he came back strong in 2016 and ate 70 hotdogs in 10min. He still seems modivated to go for any record that he can and is getting some media attention. Recently he won the 2017 World Chili Eating Challenge and set a record at the Donut Eating Championship with 46 donuts in 8min. It is going to be tough for anyone to beat Chestnut and the odds reflect that. He is currently a -590 (1.169) favorite at BetDSI. There are plenty of other bets you can place on Chestnut. Joey Chestnut hot dogs eaten over 70½ at around 1.50 at most books now looks like a solid bet. All he needs to do is do one dog better than last year. You could also consider the handicap -8½ 1.714 vs. Stonie.

Matthew Stonie

Stonie has shown that he can do it. He can beat Chestnut on the big stage. Is he really into the contest this year though? I have not seen him in a lot of contests recently but he is busy on his youtube channel making eating videos. He is also getting some media attention with Chestnut. He is going to do his best to beat Chestnut but I dont see him getting it done this time around. Maybe he is hiding some of his practice from us? Right now we dont know that much about his training.

The Underdogs

Carmen Cincotti
Year in and out Chestnut and Stonie fight it out for the number one spot although Cincotti can eat some dogs he has never been a real threat to the top 2. There is always a first time for everything, even though I agree that he is a long shot, if you were going to bet on a long shot then that would be the one. Here Cincotti beats Chestnut in a bratwurst eating contest (no bread) about 8 months ago.

Cincotti is currently a +3000 (31.00) underdog at 5dimes

The rest of the underdogs don´t even have a remote chance. Geoffrey Esper came in third in the World Chili Eating contest behind Chestnut and Cincotti. He has not proven himself to be a real threat to the top three at Nathan´s. The rest are there just for fun or are rookies. Besides betting on an underdog there are a few prop/trifecta bets that you can place. 1st: Chestnut, 2nd Stonie, 3rd Cincotti 1.65 and 2nd Stonie, 3rd Cincotti, 4th Esper 1.74 both look pertty good at 5dimes.

The Women

There is also a contest for the Women hotdog eaters. Miki Sudo is the clear favorite and similar to Chestnut not many come close to her. Sonya Thomas beat her in the past and set the record with 45 hotdogs eaten in 10min! Although Thomas does hold a lot of world records Sudo looks to be active getting ready for this years Nathan´s. She ate an amazing 41 donuts in the donut eating chalenge only coming in second to Chestnut.

Women’s winner hot dogs eaten over 37½ 1.57 Women’s winner hot dogs eaten over 38½ 1.87 and Miki Sudo hot dogs eaten -2.5 vs Sonya Thomas 1.69 are all worth consideration. As the men´s lines continue to get hit hard have a look at the Women´s lines.

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