Updated: September 20, 2017

Current NFL Teaser and Parlay record:
2 team 6pt teasers: 3-1
4 team 6pt teasers: 1-0
15 team 6 or 6.5 teasers: 0-2
4-5 ATS parlays 1-2

Every week I will post the degenbet NFL teasers and parlays. I do use the basic strategy sticking to 6 and 6.5 point teasers combined with my secret sauce for selection. There will be one mega degen teaser that breaks those rules and has totals each week. The other exception to the basic strategy that I will use sometimes is a correlated teaser with the total. For example home dog of +3 with the over 6pt teaser. You will also notice that the ATS parlays use some of the same teams as in the teasers. That is the same concept of betting the moneyline and the spread. In fact you could do that, hit the ML, Spread, Teaser and Parlay of the teams you like to win that week. Keep in mind all teasers are “ties reduce” that will give us a push if it lands on the number and just reduce the value of the teaser rather than a loss. If you do not know what a teaser is then check out this post.

For the most part I will post them about an hour before kickoff so you need to follow me on twitter or on telegram messenger. I might not be able to update this thread before kickoff but I will post the results and the tweets. You can check out last weeks on my twitter.


It was a rough NFL week for the “public” and one of the best ever for the books. Underdogs almost sweeped the early games, New England didnt cover, Greenbay didnt cover and the early game in England blow over the total of 39 easy. I also lost some bets lets take a look at the teasers and parlays for this week.

2 team 6pt teaser win

2 team 6pt teaser lose

15 team 6.5 team teaser lose

Parlay lose

Revenge parlay lose

Week 3 look back

As always keeping it simple is the way to go. There was no real need to tease down GB and NE as huge favorites. Still not as rekt as a lot of people in week 3. Regression is a bitch in NFL lets see how some of these dogs from week 3 do in week 4.


4 Team 6pt Teaser


2 Team 6pt Teaser






As you can see that was a good week 2 going 2-1 on teasers and 1-0 on parlays.

Stay tuned…..