code Review – Bitcoin Sportsbook


is the most well known pure bitcoin sportsbooks. It has been around since Dec 2013 and has a good repuation. You can read the thread at bitcoin talk here. Another thing Nitrogen is known for is the chat box at the top of the site (aka troll box). All values on the site are in bitcoin, there are no values in USD. Bet ammount, Win ammount ect are all in bitcoin. Lowest bet ammount for sports is 0.001 BTC.


A wide range of sports are covered from NBA,NFL,MLB and MMA also Cricket, Snooker and more obscure sports.

Betting Options

There are a few betting options depending on the sport. Parlay, Teaser as well as 1st half 1st quarter are offered depending on the the sport and game. However 1st qtr is not always available for NBA. There are no IF bets and there is not a round robin option so you would have to do that yourself. There is Live Betting but often there is not a lot offered. There is no “accept odds if they change” option so sometimes you have to enter your bet again and again while live betting.


It is easy to make an account right away. No email address is needed. You will get a url for your account and you can set up a username and password as well. Google 2FA is also available.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Bitcoin is the only way to deposit and it takes only one confirmation (about 10min) to be able to use your deposit. Withdrawals are done in a similar way and processed quickly. Normaly between one min and one hour. As with all things at Nitrogen withdrawals are only in bitcoin.


The site has very compediive odds and often stands up to the “legacy” sports books like bookmaker or 5dimes. It is worth it to have an account and line shop.

Prop Bets

They do offer prop bets but not on all sports ro games. They do not offer MMA props but do have a good range of NFL props and even some that are slightly different than what you get at other books. Another reason to have an account there.

Other Games

They also have poker, dice and blackjack. The texas holdem poker is pertty good with tournaments and an hourly freeroll.


Nitrogen is worth having an account at. They offer good odds and have fast deposit and withdraw times. Everything is in bitcoin and right now it is the top pure bitcoin sportsbook.