Quotes of the week 22-29 Dec 2018

Updated: December 29, 2018

Quotes of the week from http://t.me/sportsbet
Maybe you will make it in next weeks list…..

quartz curry,
Up 86u so far today

quartz curry,
Lost 52u yesterday

5000k by feb 1

8 missed free throws = 0.00002% chance of occurring
Steph curry turnover in crunch time = rare
Damian Lillard double team three point make in crunch time = uncommon
KD 7 foot jump shot game winner miss = uncommon

mr bet right super algo
Why would I give away my entire system that took years to develop?
Do you work for free? If my free picks that are time stamped and
unedited hit at a high rate then there is no better indicator of
my method. You seem jaded. Take some of my picks and have a better day.

The NBA is rigged. The refs, the commission, the sponsors, the fans even the fuckin ball is rigged.

Abde Abdemix,
Arsenal vs leverbool

Man City suck

City fucked up my ACCA

I must learn about the handicap normally go on 3 way

John Ogana
Hello what about today’s sure bets

[Forwarded from BWM]
The odds are low but together they give u 100% profit on the initial bet

90% chance of winning btw

[Forwarded from BWM]
Guys I have a 1000dollars on those games

[Forwarded from Imenti Official]
Unders are goals

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