How Sports Betting Scams work Part 1



If you are on telegram, instagram, twitter, reddit, facebook or any other social media and happen to be in any groups that have anything to do with sports betting. Then there is a high chance that you have come across a scammer making bold claims of high odds picks that won, or crazy winning records. In fact I would put the odds of you seeing one of these people on social media as 1.01 decimal or something like -1000000 american. Today we are going to go over one of the most common sports betting scams out there. Im going to call it the 3-way scam since it is most common with soccer(football) 3-way betting (home-draw-away). Let´s take a deeper look into how this scam works.


Everything in threes
This scam is all about getting people to pay money to subscribe to your “VIP Channel” where you drop the real bets, the fixed bets or the sure picks. The goal is to get people´s attention with your free picks so that they will be so tired of losing that they will be willing to pay someone to tell them how to bet and they will blindly follow anything you say. Here is the kicker, this scam takes ZERO betting skills or knowledge of a sport, team or players.

Would you bet these picks?

Step one create promo channels
In our example we are going to use telegram a popular messenger similar to whatsapp. We will make three free picks channels with three different names. The first one is called “1000% SURE PICKS” the second “Expert Money Sports Picks” and the third “Fred´s Fixed Games”. Each name of the channel might appeal to different people. We will need to spam our channel around other chats in order to get at least a few hundred people in our channels.

Notice the bet ammount – ZERO lol

Step two make the picks
Telegram channels are just for updates, they are not chats, almost like an email newsletter in an app. We wil put picks in each channel like this:
channel name:  Expert Money Sports Picks  /   Fred´s Fixed Games  /   1000% SURE PICKS
Day 1                                Home Win (1)      Draw (x)                            Away Win (2)
Day 2                                Away Win (2)        Home Win (1)                      Draw (x)
Day 3                                Draw (x)            Away Win (2)                   Home Win (1)

>>>The key is that each channel is betting on the same game, with one of the three outcomes<<<

Step three get vip channel subscribers
One channel will ALWAYS win. Now after that channel wins then pump in a message (VIP PICKS LOADING, VIP CHANNEL HIT 5.00 Odds picks today, pm to join) or something like that. Let´s say 1% convert so if you have 1000 people you have 10 people that paid you to subscribe to your “VIP CHANNEL” and you didnt even do anything. You didnt bet, you didnt do research, you just did some spamming and marketing.

“professional soccer bettor”

Step four always win even if you lose
As long as you have three channels betting each outcome of one game, or even crazier for each game going on you have three channels covering each outcome then you are going to get some people that will pay for picks. Even better is when one channel wins 2-3 times in a row! If a channel loses 2, 3 or even 10 times in a row, dont worry if anyone asks just tell them that these are free picks and if they want to make real money they need to join the vip channel.
this guy doesnt even remember what he is shilling

sounds legit

This is just one of the most common sports betting scams out there. You could also do it with 2 way betting (without draw) but I think it is more effective with three way since it is easier to hide channels thare are all betting on the same event since there are three outcomes. If anyone is offering you a betting picks service, check if they are third party verified and if they are making crazy claims, it is most likely a scam, ill even bet you.