Sportsbooks that accept Litecoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash

Since the price of bitcoin has been pumping hard so have the transaction fees that you pay in order to send any amount of bitcoin. Sometimes the fees are over 100$ which for most people is just too much. If you are sending 5k or 10k USD worth of bitcoin you might not feel it as much but for the average bettor it can take a nice chunk out of your bankroll and winnings. Let´s take a look at a few alternatives to using bitcoin.


Litecoin is one of the oldest “altcoins”. It is faster than bitcoin and much cheaper to send anywhere. Out of the three LTC, ETH or BCH Litecoin is the most stable in regards to price and technology. There have not been any network issues that have slowed down transactions dramatically or other technical issues. Litecoin might be the best alternative for sending funds to and from a sportsbook. Since it has become popular as an alternative the fees have also gone up but are currently at around 40 cents USD to send a transaction. You can buy Litecoin at CEX and Bitpanda and Coinbase. Betonline and mbitcasino all take Litecoin.


Ethereum created the ICO craze. It was an ICO itself in 2014 and you could have bought some for less than a dollar. For using it to send to and from sportsbooks it can be useful. The transaction fees are less than bitcoin and the speed of transactions are also pertty fast. You might have to get a little more technical with the wallets and addresses but once you have mastered that it is no problem. Maybe you already have some ETH and didnt know that you can use it to bet with. You can buy Ethereum at CEX and Bitpanda and Coinbase. ,Betonline and mbitcasino take Ethereum.

Bitcoin Cash

Not all relationships end with a happy ending. Bitcoin Cash is a fork of bitcoin and would prefer to take over the brand “Bitcoin”. It claims to be the true bitcoin and offers very low fees for sending transactions. At the start of bitcoin cash the transactions were sometimes very slow but in the meantime the network is becoming more stable and things are running smoothly. It is less than a year old so the youngest blockchain compared to LTC and ETH, but it is also the cheapest to use. Currently only mbitcasino supports it but that might change in the future. You can buy Bitcoin Cash at CEX and Bitpanda and Coinbase.

If you want to check out the transaction fees for yourself check out this link: can deposit with LTC & ETH at Betonline and
You can deposit with BCH, LTC & ETH at mbitcasino
You can use tons of coins to deposit and play poker at America´s Cardroom

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