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The crypto community has come a long way since the dark ages of bitcoin-based sports betting. Long gone are decreped sites that work some of the time that add a high level of gambling by just using them at all. The new generation of crypto-based sportsbooks have everything and more than any legacy sportsbook out there. A lot of them provide more service, faster payouts, and more betting markets than legacy. Let´s have a look at one of the new players on the block

The first thing any serious sports bettor has a look at is the odds that a sportsbook offers. Not the deposit bonus, bells, whistles or other promises. If a sports bettor is going to have any chance of long term profit then it is all about the odds. offers good odds on most events. I was able to find slightly better odds on one side of a market but typically not both sides. The odds are quite competitive overall and for crypto-only sportsbooks some of the best odds out there.

Do you have Waterpolo?
Where falls slightly short on odds, they make up for it by offering plenty of betting markets many of which you can not find at any other crypto-only sportsbook. For each sporting event, there are a lot of options including Asian handicap, totals, props, player props the list of betting options is long. The list of betting markets is long as well ranging from the popular English Premier League to NFL and Oscars or more obscure markets such as Portugal under 23 championship, Brazil Paulista Serie A2, Squash, Volleyball, Snooker, and Waterpolo. There are also plenty of live events to bet on and plenty of betting options for them as well, the only thing that might be missing are horses and cockfighting.

Do you think that you are sharp? Have you been limited by the likes of bet365 for betting on 3rd league Argintenian water polo? Have you had enough of only being able to bet 50$ or 100$ on in-play bets? Look no further, pledges to take all action and not limit anyone. With a simple click on the max bet button, you can find out what the max on a particular bet is. Just a random check on a La Liga Spanish soccer game bet on the Asian Handicap market allowed a 1.64 BTC max bet. That is well over 10k USD and not a lot of legacy, offshore or crypto sportsbooks will take that kind of action on the in-play markets, and on top of that not limit you or go tell you to punch sand when you win.

Sir, grade my bet slip
The grading is lightning fast and if you have open then you can see a small pop up a notification about the grade. You can also check a list of al current open and graded bets.

VIP Program
There is a lucrative VIP program that includes a host, much like at a land-based casino. Once you hit “Bronze” which is measured by betting volume. Then you get a host that will contact you via telegram messenger and offer you incentives such as free reload, bonuses and more. Unfortunately, does not have any hotels or buffets to comp you at, yet…But that is not all! The interface is easy to use and it is quite easy to create a list of single bets or a parlay. While it would be nice to have a round-robin option maybe it is good to stop the degen reflex to try and 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 fold everything. There is a provably fair casino with most of the popular crypto games like crash and dice, as well as some of the classics. has casino “races” to see who can gamble the most in one hour in their casinos, the winner gets a large prize. The chat is quite active and has different languages. The troll factor of the chat is quite low for being a sportsbook and full of people sharing their 25 leg parlay wondering why it didn’t hit. They achieve this low troll factor by making you bet 100$ before being able to talk in the chat. There is also a wide range of coins that you can deposit and bet with BTC, BCH, ETH, DOGE, XRP, TRX, and LTC.

Besides not being able to do degenerate dream bets like action reverse with one leg of the if bet triggering a 10 leg parlay or being able to parlay best picture + best actor + best soundtrack, besides these types of bets that you the reader might not have any idea of what I am talking about, has everything else you need, and more.