Tasty Curry’s NBA Picks

Updated: December 28, 2016
Whats good guys, new to the forum and will be sharing my picks with you boys:
Current Record as of
  • 02:16:44 PM EASTERN TIME
  • 12/28/2016
  1. HOU -6.5
  2. HOU ML
  3. OKC -2.5
  4. UTA ML
1. Houston does well against NBA noob teams. They are good ATS bets. They had a back to back last week coming off a tiring loss to San Antonio and came back to win by 14 against the Suns. With that logic in mind, they should be able to knock Dallas down by 10-20 points. They played a relatively relaxing game yesterday against the Suns, so we shouldn’t see fatigue being an issue. Dallas IS trending upwards and will start doing better given the fact that Nowitzki is coming back (may play 20 mins max tonight) and Bogut is starting to show life. Dallas also played last night, don’t forget that.
tl;dr- HOU can crush tonight 10-20 points. Back to Back game not an issue.
2. Use this as a hedge mechanism for your -6.5 if you want safety. HOU should not be taking an L here it would be unacceptable.
3. Westbrook is playing well right now: He’s getting better at closing games and is a dominating, competitive force in the NBA. He is the friggin man. This will not be the easiest spread to cover as the Heat are not a bad team by any means, but if OKC is to win it, they should be able to win by 4-8 points.
4. Utah should be able to secure a win here. Utah has great defensive stats and the best 3PT shooter in the league apparently. Lakers can score fast and a lot, but I don’t see them friggin with a Utah team that was able to supplant GSW’s normal first quarter bullrush-type strategy. Utah went shot for shot with GSW and held them until halftime before GSW knocked the game out (not many teams can do that).
For those of you who want to risk it for the biscuit:
HOU can get off to a fast 35+ point first quarter and sit on this lead and be up 5-10 by halftime.
Remember: Houston is a team that can get a 10 point run on an enemy team out of friggin nowhere because they are literally heavy field artillery. They can drain threes so effectively and can run up the score on an opposing team fast.


BOS -6.5
Mike Conley, Chandler Parsons both out for Memphis.
Boston has done a friggin beautiful job at home.




Utah was close.
I took alternative spreads of HOU -13.5 and OKC -10.5 and those went well: Should have posted those.
Stay tuned for picks tonights fellas


1. Houston was destined to win this game from the get-go. Their offensive efficiency is top caliber. Also notice how Harden got flagrantly fouled by Bogut and Houston started shooting and draining more threes. The more conflicty Houston games get, the harder they go.
2. This was a safe bet: Dallas was going toe-to-toe with Houston but was not able to maintain it. Dallas also wasn’t ready injury-wise to take on Houston.
3. Russell Westbrook is playing lights out. He had a triple double before half too I believe. Goran Dragic was out too a bit before game too so that was a good, smart bet.
4. This was not a good pick by me, I apologize, but we are so lucky that D’Angelo Russell did not hit that game winner.
5. Houston usually goes on a run first quarter and then coasts 2nd quarter with a lead. I thought halftime would be a safer bet than 1st quarter. Houston went off 2nd quarter and produced that lead.
6. This was on the fly since I saw Memphis’ good players were sitting out and Boston is very good at home. This was close, though.
I’m not going to post these picks as official yet because I have not thoroughly looked at today. I honestly might not even bet tonight because some of these games look a bit odd to me, but I figured I might as well share some garbage with you guys to help guide you tonight.
1. Raptors +10
  • 10 points is a lot of points to put against a team like this. Raptors have BETTER Offensive efficiency according to ESPN’s Hollinger stats than GSW. Their last matchup had GSW winning it 127-121.
2. Nets +10
  • Nets came back against the Hornets and won 118-120. That was with Jeremy Lin, though. Lin is out with a hammy injury so I wouldn’t be so sure here about this. They play differently though than we have seen so I will say that there has been some improvements. The Bulls have also been playing poorly lately so they could mess up and let the Nets get within 10.
3. Spurs -14.5
  • Spurs are a top-class team and are working on ramping up their offensive power through LaMarcus Aldridge. This cover looks a bit tough, though since its 15 friggin points.
4. Raptors ML
  •  ‘Value’ (as in betting this item will be worth it, not necessarily short-term, but will be good in the long-term) can be found in the Toronto ML which is friggin +400 lmao. 
  • Raptors are not a bad team, they are top-class and can do well. Putting down a couple units (a unit is 1% of your bankroll) would be very smart.