UFC 203 Picks

Everyone is talking CM Punk but there is also a heavyweight title on the line and a co-main event 5 rounder. Overeem is going up against Miocic for the title. Travis Browne fights Werdum in a rematch but this time for 5 rounds. Back to back Women´s fights Andrade vs Calderwood is possible Women´s fight of the year and two fighters comming of losses that have something to prove in the Correia vs. Eye fight.

Overeem vs. Miocic
Miocic has been on a rampage. Knocking people out and wearing people down. He has some of the best speed and cardio in the HW division. He has shown his power in his last fights but he also likes to use his speed and land a volume of strikes and just wears people out. He has strong wrestling up against the cage and can take people down. Even though he does have some knockouts his striking is no where near that of Overeem. Overeem is known for his striking. He is a very technical striker and as of late has been fighting very smart. This new tactic from Overeem where he takes his time has been really effective. Not only does he have good striking but also has shown good takedown defense and submissions. The way for Miocic to win is to push Overeem up against the cage and test his cardio and /or keeping Overeem busy and getting him to move backwards. The thing is that in the clinch, you dont want to get near Overeems knees, and going backwards Overeem has really improved throwing strikes and not letting himself get cut off. I like Overeem to win at 2.200 . On top of the styles there is the wildcard of Miocic being in his hometown of Clevland. All the presure is on him and the vet Overeem wont be phased by the crowd, he is relaxed as ever.

Jessica Andrade vs. Joanne Calderwood
This is a crazy matchup. Andrede has moved down in weight class and looks better than ever. She has power and is ruthless. She also has some pertty good take downs and has an aggressive swarming style. If you are hurt she will try to finish you and wont stop. Calderwood has a more traditioal Mauy Thai style but is also mean as hell. She kicks people in their face, throws tight spinning elbows and goes for finishes. She also has a killer MT clinch, knees and elbows. How is this one going down? Why the odds on the under are still in plus money is something that I dont understand. I am not sure who is going to take this but someone is going down. Under 2.5 2.55

Bethe Correia vs. Jessica Eye
This should be another good one. Both of them are coming off losses and really need a win. Most people remember Bethe from getting knocked out in rd1 by Rousey. She is a good striker and tough as hell though, her last fight against Pennington could have gone either way. Eye is also a pertty good striker but here I think Correia is meaner, more aggresive and just tougher. Im going with Correia for 2.20

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