UFC 215 – Johnson vs. Borg & Nunes vs. Schevchenko – Betting Picks

Updated: September 4, 2017

Two titles on the line with Johnson going to try and extend his record to 11 straight title defenses. Nunes defends her belt after canceling the last fight on very short notice due to health reasons. This is a long awaited rematch of a a three round fight in which Nunes won. Rafael dos Anjos will fight for the second time at welterweight (170) vs. Neil Magny and there are also two women´s fight on this card Sara Mc Mann vs. Ketlin Vieira and Sarha Moras vs. Ashless Evans-Smith (two fights with two Sara(h)´s spelled two ways). There are two fights I really like from a betting perspective on this card. Make sure to come back later in the week since the odds for the undercard will come out during the week and I might add some picks.

Nunes vs. Schevchenko

Nunes canceled the fight last time after the weigh ins. She claimed that she had some health issues…. Who knows, maybe it is true, somewhat true or just a lie and she had a tough weight cut. Does it really matter when we want to bet on this fight? No, it is not a differnce maker. I already had picked Schevchenko to win and nothing has changed. Both fighters have spoken in the media about the last fight being canceled. If anyone has more presure because of it then it is Nunes.

Regardless of the out of the cage hype and discussion, Nunes and Schevchenko are both focused fighters. Neither of them is known for making many tactical mistakes or letting emotion get to them.

This time it is five rounds

When Nunes beat Schevchenko it was a three round fight and Shevchenko and Nunes won the first two rounds. Somehow Schevchenko managed to deal with Nunes´s ground and pound in the third round took her down. Since Nunes finished her last two fights in the first round we really do not have a lot to go on in regards to Nunes´gas tank. Five rounds plays into Schevchenko´s style of picking people apart from the outside and waiting for counterstrikes. We have seen Schevchenko go five rounds without a problem.

What happened since the last time they fought?

Let´s not read too much into that last fight, both fighters have improved but what have we seen in action? Since beating Schevchenko Nunes beat Misha Tate and Ronda Rousey. Maybe the two most well known names in Women´s MMA. What do both Tate and Rousey both lack is good striking. Tate was able to hang with Holy Holm let´s give her a little credit but the difference between Nunes´s striking and Schevchenko´s striking is night and day compared to Tate and Rousey. In fact Nunes beating both Tate and Rousey in such brutal fashion as she did ushered in a new era of Women’s MMA. Tate retired after just one more fight in which she lost and was beat up pertty bad on the feet, and we know what happened to Rousey getting KTFO for the second time. Now you can not be a wrestler with just some striking to get a takedown and go anywhere in the Women´s division. You will be exposed. Nunes got the big fights and preformed at a top level. However she has not faced someone who is primarly striking based since the last time these two faced off. What has Schevschenko been up to? She beat Holy Holm in a five round fight and beat Pena in round two via submission. She was able to deal with the high level wrestling from Lima and even using some hard trips out of the clinch. We have seen her face different styles of fighters and go the five round distance.

I am going with Schevchenko. I think that she will be able to stuff takedowns enough, get Nunes tired and get a win in the later rounds via tko and nunes gassed out or on the scorecards.
Pick: Schevchenko ML 1.88

Neil Magny vs. Rafael Dos Anjos

RDA will be fighting for the second time at 170. He said that he did have some hard weight cuts so this change should help. When I read this match up I was wondering “how the hell can Magny win this?!” . He could secure a take down and ride that out for most of two rounds to get a victory on the scorecards. I dont see him as a striking threat to RDA at all, he might use a jab to set up takedowns. RDA has solid takedown defense and brutal striking. At 170 having more cardio he is a beast. I think that RDA gets this done easy and I really do not understand why he is not a bigger favorite.

Pick: Rafael Dos Anjos ML 1.55

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