UFC 220 – Stipe Miocic vs. Francis Ngannou – Daniel Cormier vs Volkan Oezdemir


Two titles on the line at UFC 220 with some heavy hitters Ngannou and Oezdemir chalenging for the title. Both Volkan Oezdemir and Ngannou are known for getting down to business and finishing early. Is that going to happen in a five round title fight? Eveyone wants a quick knockout and according to some people Ngannou hits harder than a Tractor Trailer at full speed. Is the Ngannou hype train coming to and end or getting ready to steamroll over Miocic. Will Cormier cry again if Oezdemir beats him? Can Oezdemir stuff DC´s takedowns? These are some of the main questions on people´s minds going into UFC 220.

Stipe Miocic vs. Francis Ngannou

Ngannou has been destroying everything he touches. He gets the Joe Rogan “Scary” award and doesnt just have punching power. This guy has kicks and speed, on top of that he has good fighter IQ. We have not seen his takedown defense really tested nor have we seen him taken to the later rounds. So far he has not needed it, he touches people and they go to sleep. Although Ngannou has crazy power and is more dynamic then just someone looking for a big KO punch I do not think this will be as easy as people think. Miocic not only has knockout power he is also very fast for a heavyweight. His cardio is tested and we have seen him go 5 rounds without a problem, I think he will use is cardio and wrestling to try and get Ngannou to any round past the first where Ngannou is his most dangerous. I can see Miocic content with staying on the outside or in the clinch up against the fence going for takedowns, slowing Ngannou down and trying to get him tired. I think this fight is going to go longer than people think and sometimes when you get two powerful guys they both respect each other they cancel each other out instead of steemrolling like all of the internet thinks will happen. My pick is the over 1.5 rounds.

Over 1.5 rounds +130 / 2.30

Daniel Cormier vs. Volkan Oezdemir

After losing to Jon Jones again, Daniel Cormier retains the belt. We know that Jon Jones keeps getting busted for whatever random shit, drunk driving or whatever else to get suspended from fighting. Cormier looked really good up to getting KTFO by Jones in his last fight. He was very aggressive standing and suprised a lot of people. I don´t think he will use that same style vs. Oezdemir and instead go back to his wrestling roots. Try to lay on top of Oezdemir and pick him apart. Will it really be that easy though? We have seen many try to stuff the DC takedowns without much sucess but this time I think Oezdemir will be ready, and willing to throw an uppercut or knee in response to relentless take down attempts by DC. Although Oezdemir does have crazy power and a lot of quick finishes I think the over 1.5 rounds is the pick here.

Over 1.5 rounds -195 / 1.51

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