UFC Fight Night – Auckland – Lewis vs. Hunt

Updated: June 6, 2017

The UFC is coming to Austraila and the card is packed full of fighters from down under. Mark Hunt squares off against Derrick Lewis in a heavyweight fight and Daniel Kelly the over 40 Olympic judoka fights Derrick Brunson. On the undercard JJ Aldrich faces newcomer Chan-Mi Jeon.

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Mark Hunt vs. Derrick Lewis

Striking technique vs. Brute power, both fighters are known for their knockouts. Lewis uses his brute force and seems to be able to absorb a massive amount of shots. He has shown some weakness in the later rounds with his cardio but he remained dangerous at all times. Hunt is nearly the same but instead of brute force, he is known for his ability to slip jabs and get knockouts with pinpoint accuracy. He is also known for being able to absorb plenty of shots. Neither fighter is particularly known for takedowns or a ground game. This matchup reminds me a lot of Bigfoot vs. Hunt. Keep in mind this was the Bigfoot at the height of his UFC career and he was simply destroying people having recently given Overeem one of the all time great KTFO highlight reels. I think this could be a very similar fight to Bigfoot vs. Hunt. A back and forth battle of two huge humans that are trying to destroy each other. When it comes down to the match-up itself I am going with Hunt to be able to get more strikes in using his technical know-how vs a powerful but much less skilled striker in Lewis. If we look at the fighters that Hunt had problems with in the past it was fighters that were faster than him or top level strikers. Lewis has a five-inch reach advantage but for Hunt that has become a standard. I also like the over in this fight and I think it has a good chance to go the distance and get fight of the night.

Pick: Mark Hunt ML 2.00

Thibault Gouti vs. Dong Hyun Kim

The first fight of the night is Gouti vs. Kim. Gouti fights out of Greg Jackson´s camp. He has lost three times in a row in the first round and is going to have to figure something out. He has some good technical striking but Im not sure that is going to be enough for him here vs. Kim. Dong Hyun Kim´s style can be wrekless and he takes way to many shots to the head. He somehow obsorbs them and walks forward. He has an excellent jab and left hook and good takedowns out of the clinch with his judo background. Gouti is not going to want to lose again but if he is not aggressive enough Kim will be all over him. Kim is going to bring it no matter what and will be moving forward cutting off the cage. Either Gouti clips Kim when he is moving forward like a zombie or Kim KOs or submits Gouti.

Pick: under 1.5 rounds at 2.70 and Dong Hyun Kim 1.95

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