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Best Degenerate Gambling movies of all time
January 1, 2021 DEGEN 1 Comment Movies, slide, slider
There are a lot of top ten gambling movies out there but none of them is able to cross over the many aspects of sports betting, casino gambling, poker and trading. There are so many universal truths that run through all of these sub genres yet they are often isolated from each other. Let us learn from this fundimental human condition wisdom and open our minds to degeneracy on all levels. In provably fair random order….. drum roll

The Gambler 1974
No not the new updated gambler which is also good, but this 1974 film that has , talking on payphones with his bookie, hitting the casino and sporting some serious 70s style. Can the gambler ever get enough?

If you want to understand traders then you need to watch this documentary. This captures the dying breed of floor traders and shares there experiences trading in the pit. From multi million dollar homes to sleeping on a couch you see first hand how quick the market can turn in your favor or against you. Must See

Owning Mahowny
Stealing from the bank to go full degen at the casino, who could resist? The story of someone that just can not stop, when they are up when they are down, they can not stop and must have action on all the time as big as possible.

Rouge Trader
The story of.. who traded (gambled) on the banks own money, not clients to become the top trader of the company only to have it all end in ruins. …What started as some quick arbitrage trades turns into option trading heaven and hell with a bit of asian numerology mixed in.

The Cooler
Some people have bad luck, why not put that to use? Send in the cooler! Sometimes things change, or do they?

Croupier 1998
The story of a writer that becomes a croupier to support himself while he is trying to get his book published. Set in London this is a view into the mind of a croupier and the relationships that develop between casino workers. Not many people can understand croupier besides croupier themselves.

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