How to bet on horses

How to bet Win, Place, Show
The three main single bets are Win, Place and Show. Win is pertty clear the horse has to win, Place means the horse can win or be in second and Show means that the horse needs to be in the top three. Some races with only six or seven horses do not have show and some races with a lot of horses will have the show include the top four.

How to bet Head to Head (h2h) horses
Head to Head is an interesting way to bet. In this case you only want horse A to beat horse B. For example Audable vs. Casino Runner , you are only betting on who does the best in the race out of those two. This can be a way to bet against horses that you do not think will do well because of what you saw in the lead up races or how they walk out.

How to bet Extacta, Trifecta and Superfecta
These are the most fun bets because you have a chance of hitting a big jackpot. You are betting on the exact outcome of the race. For example first place Horse 5 second place Horse 7 third Horse 9 and fourth horse 2 -that would be a “5,7,9,2 Superfecta”. In order to win the race must finish in that exact order. Trifecta is the top three in exact order and Exacta the top two.

boxed superfecta example

How to bet Boxed Extacta, Trifecta and Superfecta
You can “box” your Exacta, Trifecta and Superfecta bets. That means that for a superfecta bet you will be every possible combination of the four horses you think will be in the top four. If we use our example above of “5,7,9,2” then you would alos have “7,9,2,5” “9,2,5,7” and so on. A boxed superfecta is 16 bets, a boxed trifecta 6 bets and boxed exacta 2 bets. Basicly you are picking which horses will be in the top 4, top 3 or top 2 if one horse in the bet is not then you lose. The winning ammount is determined by the pool of each bet type exacta pool, trifecta pool, superfecta pool. In general hitting a trifecta or superfecta is like hitting a jackpot.

How to bet horse betting Props
Prop bets you can think of as side bets. For example you can bet on how much the winner wins by. A head a nose or photo finish. You can also bet on how much the superfecta pool will payout or if there will be a triple crown winner this year.

horse betting odds explained
Horse betting is for the most part pool betting. This means that the more money that is bet on a horse the less it pays out, the lower the odds are. The favorite is the the favorite because the most money is bet on it, and the pool needs to be distributed to many bettors. The underdogs have less people betting on them and thus less bettors to pay out and so each bet pays out more.





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